Cheapest Cylindrical guide bush tells how to install Guide bush?

2021-04-25 16:11

Guide bush is a mold accessory used in conjunction with a guide post to play a guiding role. Do you know how to install it? Let's follow the editor of Cheapest Cylindrical guide bush to have a simple understanding!
1. Installation
Hole Machining The mounting hole of the guide post and guide sleeve should be processed with a boring machine or a coordinate grinder after all other hole processing is completed and processing stress is eliminated (re-grinding of the upper and lower faces, etc.). In order to determine the datum of the upper mold and the lower mold, a temporary positioning hole can be processed, and then a datum rod is used for positioning.

2. Installation of guide post
Clean the thickness of the mounting hole, fix the guide post, and use multiple ball guide post assemblies at the same time to stagger the reference plane of one of the multiple guide posts by 90 degrees. Can prevent mold base assembly errors. Confirm the verticality of the guide post.
3. Installation of guide sleeve
Insert the guide post into the Guide bush. Place the parallel block on the lower mold base, and then install the upper mold base. Slide the Guide bush to confirm whether there is interference. Wash the grease and dirt on the bonding surface with a solvent, pour anaerobic adhesive into the bonding groove of the Guide bush, and then insert it into the mounting hole. Please cure the adhesive to prevent the guide bush from popping out of the upper mold base. (3-6 hours at room temperature)
The above is the introduction by the editor of Cheapest Cylindrical guide bush: Knowledge about the installation method of Guide bush, I hope you can learn more.

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