Middle guide bush supplier(s) Share why guide bushes are popular


2022-11-01 15:11

  Middle guide bush supplier(s) found that with the rapid development of machinery, mold and other industries, the demand for guide bushes as machine tool accessories and mold accessories increased rapidly. The proportion of guide post and guide sleeve in the mold inlet and outlet is as high as 45 ~ 73%. So, what is the function of the guide post and guide sleeve? Why is it so popular?

Middle guide bush

  The Middle guide bush supplier(s) thinks this is because of the role of the guide bush in the machine tool:

  1. The guide post and guide bush can meet the increasing requirements of modern machine tools for high technology, correct installation position and high running speed.

  2. Middle guide bush supplier(s) The guide bush is a traditional form of protection for machine tools.

  3. The guide post and guide sleeve are widely used in the mold industry, and play an effective role in preventing sharp objects such as chips from entering. Through certain structural measures and appropriate scrapers, the penetration of coolant can also be effectively reduced.

  In a word, Middle guide bush supplier(s) believes that the guide bush is an important link in the mold production process, and its function is to guide, support and locate. The guiding function is to ensure the normal alignment of the mold in the process of moving and fixing, and avoid the situation that the mold is not fixed in place, thereby losing its basic function and being unusable.

  The function of the middle guide bush supplier(s) support is to avoid the skewing of the ejector plate during the ejection process. It can be said that it supports the movement of the ejector plate and ensures the stable operation of the ejector plate during operation.

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