Middle guide bush factory How to Install Guide Post and Bushing


2022-12-20 14:29

  Middle guide bush factory believes that as an important part of the mold guide, the guide post and guide sleeve play a pivotal role in the mold, because if the assembly is unreasonable, it will have an impact on the precision and service life of the mold. What's more, it will also affect the quality of the products produced by the manufacturer, so what steps should the Middle guide bush factory take when installing the guide post and guide bush, and what problems should be paid attention to?

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  1. Selection and processing of mounting holes

  Middle guide bush factory If you want to install the guide post and guide bush, you need to have installation holes. This kind of installation can be realized. Then their installation holes need to be processed by boring machine or jig grinding machine after all other holes are processed. It can only be carried out under the premise of eliminating processing stress.

  2. the installation of the guide column

  Middle guide bush factory suggests that you need to install the guide post in the affordable guide post and guide sleeve first. At this time, the surrounding materials should be cleaned first, especially the thickness of the installation hole should be clean and tidy, and then multiple The datum plane of one of the guide posts is staggered at 90 degrees, so that the house may be wrong due to the formwork assembly.

  3. Installation of guide sleeve

  Middle guide bush factory Insert the guide sleeve into the guide post, for each type of guide post and guide bush will match the type of the two, so place the parallel block on the holder above the mold, and then install the punch fixture Just put it on, and finally we have to slide the guide bush to check whether it has been completed.

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