Adjustable Guide post For sale


2022-06-21 08:24

The adjustable Guide post For sale includes: an adjusting rod, which is a screw rod, the upper end of which is connected with a locking nut and the adjusting rod, and the lower end is screwed with the guide post; the inner sleeve, which is connected with a cylinder, is the The outer end of the piston is connected with the discharge control door of the tar slag box; the support rod is the outer casing of the cylinder, and its top is connected to the support top plate of the slag box cover. The guide post can run freely up and down, and can adjust the slag The upper and lower positions of the box cover cover are in line with the slag box on site, so that the corrosive gas in the slag box will not leak out; the guide column does not need to be refueled regularly during use, which prolongs the service life of the guide column. The guide column can be applied to various It is widely used in similar equipment with reciprocating motion.

Guide post For sale
The above is a brief introduction to the knowledge of adjustable Guide post For sale.

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