Any friends who know the guide pin guide bush


2021-01-25 20:33

Guide pin guide sleeve is a mold accessory used in conjunction with a guide post to play a guiding role. Mold accessories, used in conjunction with the guide post, play a guiding role. Generally, the fit gap is very small, within 0.05mm; it is generally used in molds or some machinery to ensure the accuracy of movement.

Guide pin guide sleeve is a pin-shaped metal part that extends into the hole of the workpiece to guide its position in the cavity. Guide pin guide sleeve is generally made of high-hardness materials such as high-speed steel, tungsten steel, hard alloy, etc., to guide the position of the workpiece to ensure accurate blanking of the workpiece. The Guide pin guide sleeve looks like the tip of a red tasseled gun. Guide pin guide sleeve is a common mold accessory with very high precision.

Guide pin guide sleeve is mainly used for continuous molds to accurately position the strip to ensure the shape of the part and the position and size of the inner hole. The guide pin is installed on the blanking punch. Before blanking, the guide nails first enter the punched hole to align the relative position of the hole with the shape, and then blank the material, which can eliminate the error of the feeding step and play a precise positioning role.

Guide pin guide sleeve is generally suitable for the guide of <φ5mm holes. The guide pin is pressed by a spring to avoid damage to the guide pin and mold in the case of abnormal feeding. The relative position of the guide pin guide sleeve and the cutting edge can be adjusted by adjusting the washer. The guide pin with shoulder fixed by the long nut is convenient for assembly and disassembly. 

The guide pin does not need to be adjusted after the mold is sharpened. The press-fit guide pin guide sleeve is only used for simple structure and small-scale production molds. It is suitable for installing on the lower mold to guide the process hole or workpiece hole on the strip. In machinery, pins are mainly used for assembly positioning, and can also be used as overload shear connections in connection and relaxation-level safety devices. The types of pins are: cylindrical pin, tapered pin, pin with hole, split pin and safety pin.

The basic form of Guide pin guide sleeve is cylindrical pin and tapered pin. The cylindrical pin is fixed in the pin hole with a small amount of interference. Multiple assembly and disassembly will reduce positioning accuracy. The taper pin has a taper of 1:50 and can be self-locking. It is fixed in the pin hole by the extrusion of the taper surface. It has high positioning accuracy and is easy to install. 

It can be assembled and disassembled many times. The type of guide pin guide sleeve is selected according to its work requirements in use. The diameter of the connecting pin can be determined according to the structural characteristics of the connection and experience, and the strength should be checked if necessary. The positioning pin can be directly determined by the structure. The length of the guide pin guide sleeve in each connecting piece is about 1 to 2 times its diameter.

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