Cheapest Cylindrical guide bush introduces the knowledge of guide bushes


2022-04-06 16:38

How much do you know about guide bushes? Follow the Cheapest Cylindrical guide bush editor for a brief understanding of it!

The guide sleeve structure includes a guide sleeve main body, the inner side of the guide sleeve main body is provided with a lubricating mechanism, the inner lower end of the guide sleeve main body is provided with a fixing mechanism, and the fixing mechanism includes a mounting plate, an internal thread groove, and an external thread pipe, No. 1 bolt, the inner side of the fixing mechanism is provided with a damping mechanism. The guide sleeve structure of the utility model can avoid the long-term wear and tear of the guide post and the guide sleeve main body, and can increase the service life of the guide sleeve main body and the guide post , to avoid the vibration caused by the fast descending speed of the guide column, avoid the damage of the mold, and can make the quality of the products produced by the mold better, and the shock absorption mechanism can be replaced, which is more convenient to operate.
The above is the description of the Cheapest Cylindrical guide bush: a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge of the guide bush.

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