Drawbar water edge tells about Bushing installation, disassembly and protection knowledge!


2021-03-31 15:51

Bushing is a matching part used outside of mechanical parts to achieve sealing, wear protection, etc. It refers to a ring sleeve that acts as a gasket. Do you know how to install, disassemble, and protect it? Let’s follow the editor of Drawbar water edge to have a simple understanding!
1. Installation: Bushing has been lubricated before leaving the factory and can be installed and used directly. During installation, three bolts need to be screwed into the screw holes of the flange of the other part to be evenly distributed along the circumference to open the inner sleeve and outer sleeve. Then put the expansion sleeve into the hub hole at the designed position, and use the force measuring wrench to tighten the bolts. The method of tightening is that each bolt is only tightened to 1/4 of the rated torque at a time. The tightening sequence is bounded by the slit. Tighten the screws in a symmetrical direction to ensure that the rated torque is reached.
2. Disassembly: Loosen all bolts a few turns before disassembling. Then screw the bolt top loose expansion sleeves crosswise into the disassembled screw holes.
3. Protection: Prevent the expansion sleeve from being polluted during installation. On machines operating in the open air or in a poor working environment, anti-rust grease should be regularly applied to the exposed end faces and bolts of the expansion sleeve, and the expansion sleeve type with better rust resistance should be selected. Expansion coupling sleeve is a modern new advanced mechanical basic part. It is a new type of non-key coupling device widely used in the world to realize the connection of mechanical parts and shafts. It is a new type of non-key coupling device that realizes load transfer by tightening the pressure and friction force between the containing surface of the 12.9 high-strength screw.
In summary, the editor of Drawbar water edge tells: About Bushing installation, disassembly, protection knowledge, I hope you can learn more.

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