Introduction to the function, purchase and arrangement of sliding guide post


2021-07-30 14:47

A、 External sliding guide post function

The function of the external sliding guide post is mainly used to locate the upper and lower molds and ensure the relative sliding of the upper and lower molds

B、 Selection principle

1. Bead sliding guide post is preferred

2. Select the number and size of external sliding guide posts according to the size of the die

3. When selecting the length of the outer sliding guide post, it should be noted that the guiding sequence of each part of the mold during mold closing is as follows:

Parts such as outer sliding guide post guide, inner sliding guide post guide and punch (insert) in the die enter the upper (or lower) die

C、 Arrangement principle

1. When arranging four columns and two columns (rear columns), the distance from the center of the sliding guide post to the two right angle sides of the die base shall be equal as far as possible.

2. When arranging the second sliding guide post, it is generally arranged between the die base and the backing plate

3. In the continuous die, the sliding guide post is generally installed in the lower die without affecting the feeding; In the engineering die, in order to avoid affecting the operation of the stamping operator, the sliding guide post is generally installed on the upper die (the rear column can be installed on the lower die)

4. When arranging the sliding guide post, be careful not to be interfered by foreign objects

5. The outer sliding guide post shall not interfere with other mold parts

6. Note that one edge of the regular triangle formed by the center line of the fixing screw hole of the sliding guide post should be parallel to the edge of its adjacent upper (lower) base plate (splint or template)

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