Middle guide bush Wholesale Price introduces the basics of modular guide bushes


2022-01-18 13:43

How much do you know about the basic knowledge of combined guide bushes? Middle guide bush Wholesale Price Xiaobian will take you to a simple understanding.

The combined guide sleeve includes a protection mechanism, a sleeve is arranged above the protection mechanism, the lower part of the protection mechanism is connected to a base through a slot, the surface of the base is provided with holes and there are a plurality of holes, and the connecting piece is installed inside There are steel balls, one side of the steel balls is fixedly connected with a steel mesh, and the bottom of the steel balls is fixedly connected with studs, the studs are provided with a plurality of buckles, and the protection mechanism is installed with guide rails, so One side of the guide rail is fixedly connected with a spring, and one side of the spring is fixedly connected with a block, and there are multiple blocks. The device of the utility model has a simple structure and is easy to disassemble. For the overall protection mechanism, a card slot is added inside, The overall sleeve is formed into a structure fixed to the base through the slot, and the buckle is provided under the stud to form a connection through the stopper provided inside the protection mechanism.
The above is the editor of Middle guide bush Wholesale Price: a brief introduction to the basics of combined guide bushes.

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