Middle guide bush Wholesale Price tells a little bit about the sealing guide bush for mobile docking


2022-01-25 08:51

How much do you know about the sealing guide sleeve for mobile docking? Middle guide bush Wholesale Price Xiaobian will take you to a simple understanding.

The sealing guide sleeve for moving butt joint includes a cylinder body, a mobile driving device and a guide frame; the cylinder body is a U-shaped structure, and the middle part is hinged with the guide frame; the guide frame is provided with rollers, and the mobile driving device is connected with the guide frame; Under the driving of the driving device, the guide frame can move along the slide rail arranged on the coke oven vehicle and drive the cylinder body to rise and fall vertically; the distance between the openings at both ends of the cylinder body is equal to the distance between the adjacent smoke guide holes at the top of the coke oven; The opening is provided with a sealing ring and a guide block, wherein a staggered labyrinth seal is formed between the sealing ring and the base of the smoke guide hole. The movable butt-jointed sealing guide sleeve of the utility model is suitable for coking in a top-mounted tamping integrated coke oven. It can ensure the smooth export of flue gas when it cooperates with coke oven vehicles with both coal charging and smoke guiding functions.
The above is the introduction of the Middle guide bush Wholesale Price editor: little knowledge about the sealing guide bush for mobile docking.

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