Mould Guide post For sale


2022-06-14 08:21

The mold Guide post For sale includes a guide rod and a guide sleeve, the guide rod extends in the guide sleeve and a spring is arranged at the bottom, and the guide rod is pressed on the spring; the side walls of the guide rod are evenly arranged and arranged There are several groups of ball groups, the ball groups include ball cavities arranged from top to bottom, a disc spring is arranged in the ball cavity, the disc spring is pressed with balls, and the surface of the ball protrudes from the Guide post For sale side wall; the center of the guide rod is provided with a lubrication mechanism, this Guide post For sale is provided with balls, and the balls are attached to the outer wall through a disc spring to ensure the degree of cooperation between the balls and the guide sleeve, and an oil channel is set inside , to ensure automatic replenishment of lubricating oil to the balls and reduce the friction during the opening and closing process; at the same time, the through holes set on the side wall of the guide sleeve can dissipate the heat generated during the friction process, reduce the temperature of the Guide post For sale, and increase the use of life.

Guide post For sale
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