Plastic mold with embedded needle roller Wholesale Middle guide bush


2022-04-13 11:47

The plastic mold Wholesale Middle guide bush with embedded needle rollers includes a guide bush body. Several groups of through grooves are arranged on the circumferential surface of the guide sleeve body, and each group of through grooves has a number of them and is evenly distributed along the axial direction of the guide sleeve body. The through grooves of each group are distributed in a circumferential array, and needle rollers are installed in the through grooves. , the rotating body is in the shape of a hemisphere, the rotating body and the needle roller are integrally formed, a cavity matching the rotating body is arranged in the through groove, and the cavity is also hemispherical. The utility model adopts the setting in the Wholesale Middle guide bush The needle roller, the needle roller replaces the Wholesale Middle guide bush and contacts with the guide post, and the needle roller rotates when the guide post moves, so as to maintain the rolling friction between the needle roller and the guide post, to replace the existing Wholesale Middle guide bush and guide post sliding friction It can effectively reduce friction, reduce guide post wear and prolong service life.

The above is a brief introduction to the knowledge of Wholesale Middle guide bush with embedded needle rollers.

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