Reasons for insufficient pressure in Guide post supplier china


2022-06-28 08:01

Guide post supplier china is a connecting part that supports the work of the piston, most of which are used in the oil cylinder and cylinder motion execution parts, and it is a moving part with frequent movements and high technical requirements. Guide post supplier china will also have a lack of pressure, let's take a look at the reasons.
1. The oil does not enter the hydraulic cylinder.
1. The reversing valve is not reversing.
2. The system is not supplied with oil.

Guide post supplier china
2. Although there is oil, there is no pressure.
1. There is a problem with the system, mainly due to a problem with the pump or relief valve.
2. The internal leakage is serious, the piston is loose from the Guide post supplier china, and the seal is seriously damaged.
3. The pressure cannot reach the specified value.
1. The seals are aging and failing, and the lip of the sealing ring is reversed or damaged.
2. The piston ring is damaged.
3. The system setting pressure is too low.
4. There is a problem with the pressure regulating valve.
5. The flow through the adjustment valve is too small, and when the leakage in the hydraulic cylinder is increased, the flow is insufficient, resulting in a lack of pressure.

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