Specification and use of mould guide post and guide sleeve


2020-12-08 14:13

The quality of the mould guide post is believed to be one of the topics that our industry friends most often care about, because the quality of the mold guide post will directly affect the quality of our products, iteration cycle and other aspects. If the quality of the mold guide post is not up to standard, it will cause not only the cost of mold loss and replacement, but also the economic cost caused by the resulting inefficiency and poor product. So, how to judge the quality of the mold guide post?

The quality of the mold guide post is mainly through these aspects:

1. Mold guide post product quality: the dimensional stability and conformity of the product made by the mold, the surface finish of the product, the utilization rate of the product material, etc. can reflect the quality of the mold itself.

2. The service life of the mold guide post: the number of work cycles that the mold can complete or the number of parts produced under the premise of ensuring the quality of the product.

3. The use and maintenance of mold guide posts: whether it is the most convenient to use and whether the production auxiliary time can be as short as possible.

4. Maintenance cost and maintenance period: The length of the mold guide post maintenance period and the maintenance cost are also included in the assessment of mold quality.

If you want to extend the service life of common standard mold guide posts, improve accuracy, and not damage the workpiece, what should you pay attention to when assembling mold parts?

Guide post and guide sleeve are commonly used guide elements for molds. As a guide device, attention should be paid to the design and assembly. The guide post and the guide sleeve should be fully closed before the punch work or the pressing plate touches the workpiece, and at this time, there should be a 10-15mm gap between the upper end of the guide post and the upper surface of the upper mold base. After the guide post, guide sleeve and the upper and lower templates are assembled, ensure that the lower plane of the guide post and the lower mold base, and the upper end of the guide sleeve and the upper plane of the upper mold base have a gap of 2-3mm.

And for symmetrical workpieces. In order to avoid the wrong direction caused by the clamping and installation, the diameter or position of the guide posts on both sides should be different; when the die has a large lateral pressure. A thrust pad should be installed on the mold base to prevent the guide sleeve and guide post from being subjected to lateral force; the guide sleeve should be vented to remove air.

Every little detail will affect production, and neither the producer nor the user can ignore the importance of the detail. Therefore, determining the service life of the mold guide post is not only the quality and professionalism of the mold accessories manufacturer, but also the care of the user.

According to statistics, the service life of the mold guide post is closely related to the use environment. If the mold guide post can ensure normal lubrication and normal use, the service life can reach hundreds of thousands of times, or even hundreds of thousands of times.

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