Strong demand in the self-lubricating sleeve industry in China


2020-10-23 13:42

  self-lubricating sleeve are an emerging product in the bearing field. my countrys self-lubricating bearing industry is still in the growth stage. The production technology and product quality of  self-lubricating sleeve are still being improved. There is still much room for expansion in the application field of products. The industry is expected to maintain rapid growth. The main factors for the growth of the self-lubricating bearing industry are the natural growth of the industry, the replacement of other types of bearings by  self-lubricating sleeve, the expansion and extension of new application areas, and the growth of export markets. The steady growth of the downstream application industry market plays a key role in the natural growth of the self-lubricating bearing industry. The total output value of my country's self-lubricating bearing industry has grown from 1.641 billion yuan in 2009 to 7.905 billion yuan in 2017, with a compound growth rate of 21.72%. With the growth of downstream applications in the bearing industry such as the machinery industry and the automotive industry, regardless of the substitution of  self-lubricating sleeve for general sliding bearings, the growth of export markets, and the expansion of new applications, it is expected that my countrys self-lubricating bearing industry will continue to There will be a higher natural growth rate.

At present, the application fields of  self-lubricating sleeve mainly include automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, mold manufacturing and hydraulic equipment and other mechanical manufacturing fields.  self-lubricating sleeve have special advantages such as oil-free, wear-resistant, and heat-resistant. In some areas where other bearings are used,  self-lubricating sleeve can improve the working performance of corresponding mechanical equipment and reduce the maintenance requirements of mechanical equipment. Therefore,  self-lubricating sleeve Other bearing products have potential substitute space. In terms of current production and application status, general sliding bearings are the biggest potential substitute for  self-lubricating sleeve.

Automotive industry

With the rapid development of economic globalization, the global automobile industry has undergone some new changes. In developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, automobile production and consumption have reached a certain degree of saturation, while the economic growth of developing countries is relatively fast. The demand for popularized consumption will still become an important driving force for the growth of global automobile production and sales, and the focus of the global automobile industry will continue to tilt towards developing countries.

As the core link that supports and influences the development of the automobile industry, auto parts and components will play a more important role in building an automobile technology innovation system, promoting the transformation and upgrading and sustainable development of the automobile industry under the new requirements of the "Made in China 2025" automobile power strategy. The role of bearing products in the next few years in the automotive industry will still have greater development prospects.

Construction machinery industry

 self-lubricating sleeve can be used in the joints and transmission parts of construction machinery. With the rapid growth of the machinery industry, especially the construction machinery industry, the demand for  self-lubricating sleeve in the construction machinery industry is gradually increasing.

According to the "Thirteenth Five-Year Development Plan for China's Construction Machinery Industry", by 2020, it is estimated that the main business income of my country's construction machinery industry will reach 650 billion yuan, the proportion of export and overseas operating income will exceed 30%, and the industry export value will reach 240~250 Billion US dollars, and the international market share is over 20%.

Mold industry

Mould is an extremely important and indispensable special basic process equipment in industrial production. Due to the high production efficiency, high consistency, low energy consumption of materials using molds for mass production, as well as high precision and complexity, it has been increasingly valued by various industrial production departments of the national economy and is widely used In the manufacturing fields of machinery, electronics, automobiles, information, aviation, aerospace, light industry, military industry, transportation, building materials, medical treatment, biology, energy and other manufacturing fields, many parts and components need to be processed and formed by molds. The mold is called the "mother of industry". The market demand is huge.

Hydraulic and other general machinery manufacturing

The technical level and strength of the general machinery manufacturing industry directly affects and determines the competitiveness of other industries and products, and is an important manifestation of a country's comprehensive national strength. The manufacturing capacity and manufacturing level of major complete sets of technical equipment is a comprehensive manifestation of a country's technology, economy, and industrial modernization level.

 self-lubricating sleeve can be widely used in the general machinery manufacturing industry. Therefore, as the market capacity of this industry continues to increase, the natural growth of the self-lubricating bearing industry will be guaranteed.

Other industries

In addition to the above industries, the products are also widely used in industries with great development potential such as plastic machinery and other light industrial machinery, automated office equipment, construction engineering, energy, and aerospace. The vigorous development of the downstream industry has driven the demand for related parts and components, and has played a strong role in promoting the development of the self-lubricating bearing market.

(2) New application areas of  self-lubricating sleeve have great potential for development

With the development of new application fields, the future market space of the self-lubricating bearing industry will be broader. The expansion and extension of new application areas of  self-lubricating sleeve include two aspects.

One aspect is the expansion of blank application areas; the other aspect is the further exploration and in-depth application of existing application industries.

With reference to the application status of  self-lubricating sleeve in developed countries,  self-lubricating sleeve can be applied to building decoration, shock absorption, anti-vibration, and anti-expansion facilities of houses and bridges. In the field of architectural decoration,  self-lubricating sleeve can be applied to doors, windows, curtains and other facilities. The installation of  self-lubricating sleeve can improve the flexibility and balance of these facilities, and can also greatly reduce the noise generated during use. In developed countries,  self-lubricating sleeve have been widely used in the field of architectural decoration, but our country has fewer applications in this area and has great potential for future development. In addition,  self-lubricating sleeve also have a lot of application space in the shock absorption, shockproof and anti-expansion facilities of buildings, bridges and other buildings. Take Japan as an example. Oiles Group, a well-known self-lubricating bearing manufacturer, has 30% of its operating income from the construction industries such as houses and bridges.

In addition, in the existing application fields of other  self-lubricating sleeve such as the machinery industry, there is still a certain gap between my country and developed countries, and there is still a lot of digging space for the application depth of  self-lubricating sleeve in these fields.

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