Wholesale Middle guide bush introduces the knowledge of guide bushes


2022-04-19 15:57

How much do you know about guide bushes? Wholesale Middle guide bush Xiaobian takes you to a simple understanding.

A guide sleeve for elevators belongs to the technical field of special guide sleeves. The guide sleeve for elevators includes a reducer assembly, a connecting screw and two connecting screws, the first connecting screw is fixedly connected to the top of the reducer assembly, and the one The connecting screw and the two connecting screws are connected by bolts; the top ends of the two connecting screws are provided with a flange, the flange is connected with a guide sleeve, and the guide sleeve is divided into a guide part and a connecting part; the guide The inner wall of the sleeve is provided with a spiral oil groove, and the spiral oil groove is filled with lubricating oil, which can continuously lubricate the contact surface of the guide post and guide sleeve; a sealing ring and two sealing rings are respectively placed on the inner walls of the top end and the bottom end of the guide sleeve , It can not only seal the contact surface, prevent the contact surface from rusting and damage, but also play a blocking role in the lubricating oil in it, preventing the excessive loss of lubricating oil and causing the guide post and guide sleeve to wear too fast.
The above is the editor of Wholesale Middle guide bush: a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge of guide bushes.

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