good price and quality Self-lubrication bushIntroduce the knowledge of hydraulic bushings


2022-06-07 08:49

Good price and quality Self-lubrication bush Xiaobian takes you to understand the knowledge of hydraulic bushings, let's take a look!

A hydraulic bushing includes a bushing inner tube, a bushing outer tube, a rubber body and two rubber bodies; the first rubber body is interference fit between the bushing outer tube and the bushing inner tube; the The upper end of a rubber body is provided with a rubber body flanging, and the one rubber body flanging covers the upper end of the outer tube of the bushing; the lower end of the outer tube of the bushing is extended with an outer tube flange, and the two rubber The body is connected to the flange of the outer tube, and the second rubber body is at least partially covered on the bottom surface of the flange of the outer tube; a liquid container is formed between the outer tube of the bushing and the first rubber body The liquid-accommodating cavity is filled with hydraulic oil; a striker is arranged on the inner tube of the bushing, and the end of the striker is in contact with the rubber body.
The above is a brief introduction to the knowledge of hydraulic bushings.

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