quality Guide pin guide sleeve introduces how to operate the guide sleeve


2021-09-27 10:13

Do you know the operating method of the guide sleeve? Follow the quality Guide pin guide sleeve editor for a simple understanding!
To use a guide bush, you need to use an edge guide or template. You need to set the size of the template to be slightly larger or smaller than the workpiece, and the template can be made of other materials.
To make a template, just use spray adhesive to paste the drawing or pattern onto the template material, and then use a band saw or roll it to shape it. After cutting, file or sand the irregular or rough spots on the edge of the template. Use a few drops of hot melt adhesive or double-sided tape to attach the template to the workpiece. When you are defeated, use the router pad to fix the workpiece on the workbench. If you want to pass through the workpiece completely, attach the backing to protect the router pad and the countertop.

Use a straight drill bit through the guide sleeve to remove the waste area around the template. Remember, when cutting the outer edge of the template, cut it counterclockwise and cut it clockwise into the inside. After completing the wiring, use a chisel to gently separate the template from the workpiece.
In summary, the editor of the quality Guide pin guide sleeve tells: a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge about the operation method of the guide sleeve.

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