quality Guide pin guide sleeve price introduces the installation method of guide pin guide sleeve assembly


2021-10-20 14:37

Guide post and guide sleeve assembly, the key includes two positions: guide post and guide sleeve. So, how is the installation method of the guide post and guide sleeve assembly? The quality Guide pin guide sleeve price editor is here to give you a brief introduction.
1. Machining of the mounting hole of the guide post and guide sleeve assembly
The mounting holes of the guide post and guide sleeve components should be processed in other holes and the processing ground stress (re-grinding for left and right responses, etc.) should be processed with a milling machine or a coordinate CNC grinder. In order to better clarify the standards of the lower mold and the upper mold, temporary accurate positioning holes for large mold parts can be processed, and then the standard rods can be used for accurate positioning.

2. Installation of guide post
Clean the thickness of the installation hole, fix the guide post, and apply several steel ball guide post components at the same time, which is to separate the reference point of one of the several guide posts by 90 degrees. It can avoid the incorrect installation of the mold blanks of the high-quality mold parts. Determine the flatness of the guide post.
3. Installation of guide sleeve
Insert the guide post into the guide sleeve. Avoid placing the surface blocks of the parallel quality mold parts on the lower mold base, and then install the upper and lower mold bases. Roll the guide bush to determine if there is any influence. Clean the greasy dirt and waste on the bonding surface with an organic solvent, pour the anaerobic fermentation adhesive into the bonding groove of the guide sleeve, and then insert it into the mounting hole. Please dry the adhesive to prevent the guide sleeve from being shot out of the lower mold base.
The above is the introduction of the quality Guide pin guide sleeve price editor: how to install the guide pin guide sleeve assembly.

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