quality Vertical 0°C positioning block group price introduces the small knowledge of positioning block group


2021-12-07 10:11

The little knowledge of positioning block components you need to know. Today, the quality Vertical 0°C positioning block group price editor will take you to understand.

A positioning block assembly that makes the entire structure easy to locate in the mounting hole of the needle plate, and ensures that the initial vertical positional relationship between the needle plate and the positioning block assembly is convenient to adjust. The positioning block body includes an inner end insert block and an outer end pressure block , The inner end insert block is used to inlay the corresponding positioning hole position of the needle plate, and the area of ​​the outer end pressure block is larger than the area of ​​the positioning hole to ensure that the positioning block body will not be separated from the needle plate and ensure continuous pressure on the needle plate. Attached, there is a guide hole in the vertical direction of the inner end insert, two guide holes, one guide hole, and the two guide holes are separated by a partition plate. The partition plate is provided with a guide through hole, and the upper end of a guide hole communicates with the outside. , The lower ends of the two guide holes are connected to the outside, one guide hole is inserted with a guide adjustment block, the guide adjustment block includes a vertical guide hole, and the lower plate of the guide adjustment block is provided with a threaded hole, which also includes a positioning screw, Linear spring, spring installation guide bolt, feed adjustment bolt.
The above is the quality Vertical 0°C positioning block group price editor's description: a brief introduction to the little knowledge about positioning block components.

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