Characteristics of Self-lubrication middle bush


2023-01-12 14:09

Self-lubrication middle bush has lubricating oil or embedded solid lubricant in the bearing body, so it is a sliding bearing with a structure of "self-lubricating use" or "reduced lubrication times". The characteristics of the Self-lubrication middle bush can be roughly summarized into the following three points.

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1. No need to add lubricating oil
By using self-lubricating materials, there is no need to supply lubricant to the friction surface, and maintenance is free. Although there are self-lubrication middle bushes that are properly lubricated to increase bearing life and reduce the coefficient of friction, in principle, self-lubrication middle bushes can be used in a dry, non-lubricated state.
2. Rotation and linear motion can be realized at the same time
Due to the matching structure of the shaft and the hole, the axial linear motion and the rotational motion around the shaft can be realized simultaneously. Furthermore, desired functions can be realized in a compact form that requires a minimum of space.
3. Affordable cost
The mechanical components consist of only two parts, the shaft and the bushing, the number of parts is small, and the lubricating material is a metal material that can be mass-produced, so the cost is acceptable. The self-lubrication middle bush manufacturer tells you that in addition, since no lubricant is required, maintenance costs can be reduced, so investment costs and man-hours can be reduced.

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