Introduction to the processing technology of Cylindrical guide bush


2023-01-31 16:29

The processing method of Guide bush is generally to leave a grinding allowance of 0.3mm after rough turning, and then carry out inner and outer rounds after heat treatment (commonly used 20 steel carburizing, depth 0.8-1.2mm, hardened 58-62HRC) Grinding. Let’s take a look at the editor of Cheapest Cylindrical guide bush below!

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Since the guide bushes require high dimensional accuracy and the inner hole and outer circle should be coaxial, the inner hole should be ground first, and then the mandrel should be installed to grind the outer circle. If the guide bush and the mold base are fixed by a bonding process, so the coaxiality of the outer circle is not high, the outer circle of the guide bush does not need to be ground.
When grinding is required to improve the dimensional accuracy of the inner hole and improve the surface roughness, a grinding allowance of 0.01~0.015mm should be left after the inner grinding. Grinding Guide bush is usually a vertical single-shaft or double-shaft grinding machine, and sometimes it can also be ground on a lathe or honing with a honing machine. If you grind the guide bush on a lathe, you need to clamp the grinding tool on the lathe chuck, apply the abrasive evenly, and then put on the guide bush, use the tip of the tailstock to hold the grinding tool, and adjust the tightness of the grinding tool and the guide bush (The guide bush is not very laborious when turning the guide bush by hand). When grinding, the machine tool drives the grinding tool to rotate, and the guide bush is clamped by the round-nose pliers to make a reciprocating movement along the axis of the grinding tool by hand.
To sum up, the editor of Cheapest Cylindrical guide bush tells the relevant knowledge about the processing method of Guide bush, I hope you can learn more.

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