Straight bush Manufacturers china talks about the design principles of bushings


2021-11-25 10:38

The shaft sleeve is a cylindrical mechanical part sleeved on the rotating shaft and is a component of the sliding bearing. Generally speaking, the shaft sleeve and the bearing seat adopt an interference fit, and the shaft adopts a clearance fit. So do you know what the design principle of the shaft sleeve is? Follow the editor of Straight bush Manufacturers china to have a simple understanding!

The shaft sleeve is mainly designed to reduce the friction and wear of the shaft during the work process in the fields of auto parts, mechanical equipment, electrical and electronic industries. Its basic purpose is basically the same as that of the bearing, but the cost is relatively high. Inexpensive, because the frictional resistance is large, it can only be used on some parts. Most of the shaft sleeves are made of copper, but there are also plastic sleeves. The shaft sleeve is often used in the shaft and the supporting structure, and it is very close to the supporting structure, and only the shaft can rotate on the shaft sleeve. When assembling the shaft and the sleeve, a lubricant is added between the two to reduce the friction generated when they rotate.
The above is the editor of Straight bush Manufacturers china: a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge about the design principle of the bushing.

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