Talking about the design and processing of Cylindrical guide bush


2022-09-15 15:22

  Cylindrical guide bush is generally made of high-quality carbon structural steel. During manufacturing, it is generally roughed on a lathe, and a certain grinding allowance is reserved during roughing; then heat treatment is performed.

Cylindrical guide bush

  In order to improve the dimensional accuracy of the Cylindrical guide bush and improve the surface condition, it is also possible to leave a certain allowance during cylindrical grinding, generally 0.01 mm to 0.015 mm, and then grind again.

  When using a disc grinder, the guide post is generally clamped inside the partition plate, and the movement direction of the Cylindrical guide bush undergoes a periodic change through the eccentric operation of the upper and lower grinding discs, so as to achieve the purpose of evenly distributing the abrasive. , and make criss-cross grinding marks on the surface of the guide post. The method has high production efficiency, relatively uniform wear of the grinding tool, and is suitable for mass production of guide posts.

  When processing Cylindrical guide bush, rough processing is generally carried out first, and a grinding allowance of 0.3 mm is usually reserved during processing, and then heat treatment is carried out, and high-quality carbon structural steel is used for carburizing treatment, and the depth is usually 0.8 mm to 1.2 mm, hardened to 58 to 62 HRC, after which the inner and outer circles are ground.

  During machining, the accuracy of the matching dimensions required between the Cylindrical guide bushes is very high. In addition, the axis of the inner hole and the axis of the outer circle are required to be the same. Therefore, when grinding, the inner hole must be ground first. OK, install the mandrel and grind the outer circle.

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