Wire cutting processing Cylindrical guide bush product application range


2022-09-29 11:46

  Wire cutting has opened up a new process for the trial production of Cylindrical guide bush products, the machining of precision parts and the manufacture of guide posts and bushes. At present, WEDM is mainly used in the following aspects:

Cylindrical guide bush

  (1) Processing of high hardness Cylindrical guide bush

  Wire cutting is very suitable for cutting guide post and guide bushes and templates made of hard alloys, hardened steel and other high hardness materials that are difficult to process by conventional processing methods.

  (2) Cylindrical guide bush with fine anisotropic holes and grooves

  Wire EDM uses a very thin electrode wire as a cutting tool, so wire cutting is suitable for die processing of various shapes.

  (3) Cutting and forming electrodes

  Electrodes used for EDM, cavity electrodes with taper, electrodes made of copper-tungsten and silver-tungsten alloys are more economical to be processed by wire cutting.

  (4) Precious metal blanking

  Since the wire cutting process consumes very little workpiece material, and the electrode wire itself can be selected very thin, the wire cutting process can be used to cut precious metal materials.

  In addition, wire cutting can also process guide bushes such as extrusion dies, powder metallurgy dies, bending dies and plastic compression dies, as well as tapered Cylindrical guide bushes. Therefore, WEDM can shorten the manufacturing cycle and cost of Cylindrical guide bush production.

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